Ruby on Rails and Leopard (Server)

Just saw that on OS X Leopard Server Sneak Peek:
Internet and Web

Leopard Server also features administration for either Apache 2.2 or 1.3, MySQL 5 with Apache/MySQL/PHP integration, JBoss 4, and Tomcat 5 for hosting EJB 3.0 and J2EE 1.4-compliant enterprise applications, and Ruby on Rails with Mongrel for simplified development and deployment of web-based applications.

Insanely cool.

Note that the user DVD also ships Rails (but not Mongrel). The FastCGI library and bindings are also included (but not activated by default).
Yeah, I just saw the post by DHH after writing mine. It's also great that the installation will be gem-based and easily upgradable. Excellent work.

Mongrel on server only ? No big deal, I 'm just happy that OS X Server decided to ship the new kid on the block instead of relying on more mature but less exciting/performant solutions.
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