Ruby on Rails, an introduction...

... in french. This is based on a Ruby on Rails presentation I gave a few months ago, and that I planned to release with a Creative Commons license. I just wanted to fix a few things, and I ended rewriting the whole stuff. So if you're interested in RoR -and- french speaking, enjoy. Feedback is welcome. I might translate it in english if the feedback from the french geeks is positive.

And sorry for the lack of updates, especially for the S3 Browser application and source code. A lot of personal issues in the last weeks took most of my time and my hacking time was close to zero. Things are getting better, so I'm slowly catching up (sorry for all the unanswered emails - and comments). For S3 Browser, I'm going to prepare a source code drop before the end of the week, along with my current unreleased version (minor tweaks). I hope to be able to quickly add the features I was working on (URL generation, streaming upload/downloads, ...) after that, but my priority is first to have a source code release. Sorry again for the delay.

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