Airport Extreme-Express and SNMP

So I received my new toy a few days ago: an AirPort Extreme Base Station to complement the Express (which migrated to the audio system).

Installation went (almost) smoothly: my previous airport setup was just MAC based, and this not the best idea for WDS setup. Apparently doable, but it was simpler to switch to WPA.

Then ? Then I have this little obsession these days about data representation. How to express and manipulate complex data structure, provide high-level representation, graph running data, etc. Thus my current interests in Software Visualization, end-user 'big data', alternative representations for common tasks, etc. And in that context, I'm playing with automated graphing tools, for instance for network usage patterns, and so on, and trying things like Cacti, RRDTool. Somewhat too much sysadmin-oriented to my taste, but that's just a piece in the puzzle.

Back to the Airport: what about graphing the bandwidth usage, number of clients and see when my laptop is connected, etc. The Airport base station does have SNMP support, but a simple

$ snmpwalk -v 2c -c yourBasePassword
.. seems to only return classic and basic statistics. Replace by your Airport IP, of course. That's a start as in/out packets are included, but nothing about Airport-specific stuff.

Actually, Apple did release a MIB for Airport Express/Extreme base stations a while ago, but I did not find any useful information about how to exploit these, among with some comments 'great, but how do I access these paramters'. Motivation for further digging, so here is my findings. I must confess I was a SNMP absolute beginner, so most of this is probably very common.

Next steps: create a configuration file for Cacti, and actually graph these.

It seems that SNMP is only available for the Graphite Base Station or the Extreme, not for the Snow (version 2), annoying ...
Did you check recently, with the latest Airport updates ? It seems that things like Airport Port/IP Inspector do work with snow, and I think it uses SNMP. You might not have the same parameters than what's in the Extreme MIB of course, but well, that's a start.
Right, I didn't check, I will when I will see it on my TODO list (too big right now)
Have you had any succes using this in cacti ?

I copied over your post to my site. if you have been able to monitor with cacti please comment there.

All worked with my Airport Express - thanks!

Also - may be worth checking out Jon Sevy's tools at http://edge.cs.drexel.edu/GICL/people/sevy/airport/index.html - there's even a tool there to see who's connected to your AP.
Just thought this was a little strange: http://www.robberthamburg.nl/home/airport-extreme-express-and-snmp
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