Olivier Gutknecht


I am back at Apple, in the UIKit team.

My last position was at Fotonauts which I co-founded and where I led the infrastructure & server group.

Before this, I was a senior software engineer at Apple, in the R&D group created in Paris by Jean-Marie Hullot, I was part of the small team (with Bertrand Guiheneuf, Sébastien Maury, and Manuel Colom) that brought iCal to market and worked since on iCal, iSync and mobile technologies. And other things I can't and won't talk about.

I hold a Ph.D in Computer Science from the University Montpellier II (on multi-agent systems, A.I., distributed systems, organizational theories), a Master of Science in artificial intelligence from University Paris 6 Jussieu and a Master of Engineering in EECS.

I'm mostly interested in infrastructures, user interface, semantic processing, web fu. And fun technologies and problems.

On my radar: modern web infrastructures, Rails & Merb, LLVM, dynamic languages, asynchronous programming, web APIs, Grand Central, WebKit, tablets, zoomable interfaces, Powershell, iPhone SDK, non-relational DBMS, Joyent (happy VC3), lightweight collaboration, Wikis, ...

More formal resume.


Get a life!

Avid book reader and moviegoer. Music addict (9363 music files, and I'm sure forgot a few CDs). Piano (and guitar, clarinet, and Chapman Stick - with varying success) player. Living in Paris.


Please check my software (Quartz snippets, S3 Browser, ...) and documents (Rails intro, Ph.D thesis, ...) pages.


This is a personal site, and opinions expressed herein are my own and do not represent my employers' view in any way.